Tuesday, 17 October 2017


Dear Sir/Madam、

This is Ishi from the Customer Support Desks at Sony Marketing (Japan) Inc.

We are very sorry for the late reply.

This time we would like to re-acknowledge your inquiry that
other than Walkman, you have also expected a DSEE HX function that should be installed in "Music Center for PC" software, haven’t you?

If there is no difference as mentioned above, we have recognized that
in case that DSEE HX function is also equipped in "Music Center for PC",
you can enjoy music with better sound quality on your PC.

In order to meet our customer's expectation, we shall send your expectation
to relevant in-charge departments for future product development.

Although we cannot promise that your expectation shall come true,
we are still looking forward to your ongoing support in the future.

Thank you for kind understanding.

Ishi (Ms.)
Customer Support Desks
Sony Marketing (Japan) Inc

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is Phuong from Sony Customer Supporting Service Window (Japan).

Regarding your inquiry, we would like to give you the answer as follows:

Regarding your inquiry, we just received, although you stated that
"In addition to my HX question...”,
unfortunately, from this window we cannot check and confirm any content in your previous mail.

We are sorry for any incurred inconvenience, however in the mail subject of the mails
you sent to our window, there are reference number starting from [CASE-ID:].

※ The CASE-ID of this mail is 171002195118450.

Regarding all mail contact before, we would be grateful
if you please let us know the number starting with [CASE-ID:] in previous emails?

In case you reply to this email, could you please do not
change the mail subject?

Sony Customer Supporting Service Window (Japan).
Email Contact: Phuong (Ms.)
Dear Ms Phuong,

Thankyou for putting up with me, it is CASE-ID:171001195058930. ※ The CASE-ID of this mail is 171002195118450.
Please do tell the engineers/coders to fix the WASIO CD playing that's failing on the Music Center and also quickly port DSEE HX with 5 presets finetuned for all PCs into it.
Hopeful regards,