Our Initial Plans

This site's purpose is to act as a base for a 'New 3D Development Foundation Project for VRML and X3D'
Which means that the site itself mirrors the work that Sony did; another site is under construction which will be completely about Blendo. This is a 'draft' site hosted on blogger.
Our vision is to develop a fool proof multiuser suite for the 3D languages VRML and X3D and respective communities. It has several aims; first and foremost, it is a non-for-profit project aiming for greater awareness of the possibilities of 3D languages and virtual environments. It is an attempt to make Sony Corp. consider making use of the CSL’s work in CP and other systems. It believes in solutions lying in an open-source system.

We remember the many life-changing uses of CP, even the doctorate for Mr Matsuda. We recognise that while CP was discontinued, SpaceStream (Fusionetics) was its successor (used in 3D-IES also) and led to the recently ended PS Home. CP’s development ended in 2000 (Minor updates) and production and support ceased in 2002. It has been 15 years. The source code is old. Whether it exists is also a question. Thus it is imperative that we begin work now.

We suggested porting DSEE HX to PC; reusing the UI of DSD Direct Player; changing Sound Organiser to become more similar to SSMS. Sony has made mistakes, and from those there arise more, not less. But they’re doing alright.

While the Blendo project may utilise Skype technologies and other social media if possible, our first choice is always CP. Uses of Blendo will extend far beyond what CP was ever capable of. Not only is the hardware many times better than that possible 15 years ago, our wider choice of devices will ensure that Blendo does encompass a much larger system.

Awareness of 3D is not enough, 3D must be in our life. So our aims are:

1. Create a failsafe 3D community suite ‘Blendo’ for true, continuous, and successful ‘Virtual Society’ creation

2. Popularise VRML and X3D again. Bring back hope?

3. Revolt against current 2D text and multimedia representations in favour of 3D

4. During testing, use Blendo as a social sciences and behaviour analysis tool; simulations for education; possibly a computer science project only within universities

5. Additionally, bring back ‘interaction’ to WebGL/X3DOM

6. Test the limits of everything; CSL’s ‘Think Extreme’ and ‘Act Beyond Borders’

7. Improve people’s lives through a simple Cyberspace

8. Stimulate Computer Science learning and development communities

The aim is not clear-cut yet, as outlined in Aim No.4. We know that games/virtual worlds are ongoing (Microsoft’s Minecraft) only if they allow continuous building. Virtual Ryoanji attempted this, but failed. So we have an undisclosed solution; meanwhile, static VWs are outdated (they ended Jan 2015 or even Jan 2003); SecondLife continues; our use of Blendo will be restricted to universities and educational institutions until 2022. That’s when it will have been 20 years since CP ceased sales. 20/06/17 Tuesday

I hope to start a useful project: Blendo 

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