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fx-CG50AU and fx-CG20AU Robotic response by organised systems of corporations - CASIO JP

Dear customer.
Thank you for your e-mail.

The fx-CG50AU and fx-CG20AU are used in schools in Australia only because there is an educational regulation in Australia that prohibits some functions of calculator.

These models are arranged their specification from fx-CG50 and fx-CG20 to be suitable for that regulation.
Therefore,Unfortunately,you cannot make changes to the storage memory of these models.

Your kind understanding would be highly appreciated.

Sincerely yours,

Dear Customer.

Thank you for your e-mail.

As you mentioned,fx-cg20AU have designed with limitation of the part of 3D graph function and memory strage.

However,We would like to inform you that it is the specification of fx-cg20AU.
Unfortunately,We can't edit OS of your calculator.

In fx-cg20(not AU model),you can use these functions with no limitation.

We are sorry for not being able to help you.

Your kind understanding would be highly appreciated.

Best regards,

TZ2 Repair Saga 2017-18

Good day ,

This is Rafaeil from Sony Customer Relations. We are sorry to hear that you Sony VAIO laptop is a subject for the issue that was announced for the model. Please be advised that I am the one who'll assist you with your concern regarding your Sony VAIO laptop. I will be in touch shortly to provide a resolution for you.

If you have any further concerns regarding this matter, please let me know. If you happen to call our customer service team, please quote this reference number C-, as I have saved our email correspondence for future reference.

Kind Regards,

Rafaeil | Customer Relations Representative
Sony Australia and New Zealand
AU 1300 137669
NZ 0800 766969

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Dear Mr Ooi,

Please know that I'm overjoyed at having received a reply. I see that my requests were not applicable. However, I believe an onsite inspection should be carried out instead of forcing customers to send their product which is a laptop that could be further damaged. Details are below:
Please let us know your address.(country, city, etc..)

For your VGN-TZ2,
Have you done inspection repaired?

No repairs were carried out as the heatsink on the CPU could not be taken off. The model was therefore untouched.

Please let us know about your VGN-TZ 's status.

 For Example :
  Can be used without problems.
  ・Can not turn on, etc.

It can turn on only after the DC jack is reinserted, leading me to suspect issues related to the wiring and overheating. It will not turn on from battery alone (low batt. Flashing lights). During use, the bottom heats up to a burning degree due to the CPU - that's a problem, and sometimes it shuts down to protect itself. Therefore I sent it to the repair shop to check the fan and thermal paste. They commented that the paste was horribly dry and of bad quality. I ask those at Azumino in 2007, why couldn't they use good long-living paste? Instead of cheap st. meanwhile the heatsink design meant that the screws were too strongly tightened. Therefore not only was it too high above the CPU, but we couldn't change the thermal paste. This was in 2015. Only a few weeks ago I saw the horrible notice on the support page. So I asked for repairs and no one cared except for Sony Japan - please fix this issue!

Dear Mr Ooi,

If I reside in Nishihara, Hiroshima or go to the main Azumino Factory directly for personal reasons, would Hokushin Denki or Azumino be able to repair it? (remember that the 'parts' you mention are just some sponges and wires! 😊 Also, is it safe to use the computer at all? I am grateful for Sony Japan's help where their oceania colleagues have been lazy.

Thank you

Dear Sir/Madam

This is from Ooi who is in charge of the Customer Support Desk at Sony Marketing (Japan) Inc.

We are really sorry for keeping you waiting.

We regret that free inspestion and repair service are only provided in Japan.

For that reason, incase you are residing in Australia we can neither send your product back to Australia from Japan nor provide you inspection and repair service in Australia.

Besides, regarding to free inspection and repair service the repair parts are limited, we need to check the avalability of repair parts then confirm whether we can repair your product.

Therefore, it might be impossible to repair your product depending on the time.
Your comprehension is appreciated.

If you go to Japan, in order to confirm if we can provide you repair service at that time or not, please let us know in details.

We are sorry that we could not give a helpful response to your question this time.

When you reply to us, please do not change the subject of this email.

Thank you very much.

Ooi (Mr.)
Customer Support Desk
Sony Marketing (Japan) Inc.