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CP Laboratory/ Blendo Dev. Team of NRI's VR Research Group is an independent research application design concept based VR games/entertainment studio based in Adelaide Australia and parts of Japan including Hiroshima and Tokyo.
NRI's past projects have involved selling plug adaptors, running an online newspaper The Yukikaze Times,  creating informative goldfish sites, and developing a new martial art.

We’re passionate about storytelling and believe in creating amazing games and platforms filled with fun, action and adventure!
We have a stellar team who are passionate about creating amazing products and services that our fans love. Our team includes legendary engineers, artists and designers, developers, community members and operations and business peeps. We’re a fun crowd and have a laid-back office that suits creative and energetic people. We’re a truly collaborative workplace where all team members get a say in  design and development. If you’re interested in working at NRI's VR Research Group we encourage you to check back at this site regularly. We also provide internships in partnership with educational institutions for students to gain experience so if you’re studying and would like to discuss interning at NRI's VR Research Group please drop us a line!

Members of the team testing and discussing.

NRI's VR Research Group making magic and crushing code