Tuesday, 17 October 2017


Dear Leo Graf,

This is Sato from Sony Customer Service Window (Japan).

We are truly sorry for the late reply.

Regarding the inquiry, in which the software such as "CPB-N2010" etc.
have already mentioned, we would like inform you as follows:

We are sorry that we cannot provide an answer that meets your expectation,
even if we would like.
For the following two reasons, it will be impossible for our company to
offer you the desired softwares.

(1) The final support OS of Community Place Product is
Windows 95 and at this window supporting Services had been closed.

(2) Community Place Products was sold about 20 years ago
As of September 3, 2017, manufacturing and sales for such products
had been completed.

We understand that it might be good if we could give the above explanations earlier
but in fact it took so much time for getting result.
So we are truly sorry again for that.

Regrettably, for this matter, we cannot help you any more,
If there is something unclear and/or any matter, please do not hesitate
to contact us.


Sony Customer Service Window (Japan)
Email Contact: Sato
Dear Mr Sato,
A reminder also that CP supported Win 2000 and continued as Fusionetics.
Dear Mr/Mrs.Leo Graf

This is from Duong who is in charge of the Customer Support Desk
at Sony Marketing (Japan) Inc.

In response to your question, please kindly see our answer below.

Regarding to your information ”A reminder also that
CP supported Win 2000 and continued as Fusionetics.”
we are sorry that we do not have
any information that can help us give you an instruction.

Besides、we also have stopped supporting Windows 2000 preinstalled PC.

For that reason, though we understand that you are in a difficult situation
we are sorry for any duplicated guidance that we do not have infomation about
software which can be provided.

Your kind understanding is greatly appreciated.

Duong (Ms.)
Customer Support Desk
Sony Marketing (Japan) Inc.