Saturday, 13 May 2017

Is there any way to check for files of Alexa Internet?
Alexa EC and 38_crawl have this link:
archived but not the first link. Would the first link appear in the future or is this Alexa data already accessible and therefore cpc20pr1.exe was never archived/omitted? They always say this data is currently not publicly accessible.-but it is! The webpage loads, but not all of it seems to be there.
if there is an archivist pro out there, i'd really like them to check this one out.
Important: notice the "id_" after the numerical date for those ".html" files, which made these viewable, rather than blank. On some sites/saves this is needed, which is handy to know.
is there anyone who can find the actual file? it was archived in 2005 and 2007- doesn't Alexa index exes too? They used to at least.