Saturday, 13 May 2017

Community Place Conductor 1.0 alpha 2

since you've written favourably on this CP conductor, I'd like to ask you whether you still have the installer?

Sony'sCommunity Place Conductor allows you to animate objects. I used other tools to make objects and CPC to "give them life". Sony also has their own VRML browser plugin, and their own 3D multi-user worlds. It is a good tool for simple animations, but I got lost in the graphical interface to routing actions. You may understand it better than me, or I perhaps did not spend enough time with it. But it is FREE!

Community Place Conductor ("Conductor" in the following pages) is the authoring tool that confirms to VRML 2.0. Conductor 2.0 Preview Release 1a has the following features:
Conforms to VRML 2.0.Drag and drop to add a node.Enables you to specify values for node attributes.Enables you to specify textures for sound and objects.Enables you to switch between the Execution and Edit modes.Conforms to Java (JRE1.1.3, JDK1.1.3, or later).Enables you to edit independently in each scope by switching the current scope.The Script Expert function to automatically create a script node.Enables you to add/delete routing while displaying it on the screen.Enables you to edit keyframes.Enables you to edit PROTO.Supports USE. 

I have all of them except for one, and that is the CP Conductor 2.0. This one was stored at this link:
However they scrapped it and since then the Conductor 2.0 has become ultra-rare software.
Despite its limitations, it has interesting capabilities, and is the only one I do not have in the CP family of trials. Modelling VRML worlds in Sony style is definitely too ancient, but I’d still like to see it in action. CP has something special to it which I cannot explain. But currently I have no experience of its modelling capabilities. Thus, following my failure at finding CP Conductor, I would like to request this software from you, if you still have it after twenty years, or if you don’t, I would like to apologise deeply for sending this rather ‘rude’ email. There must be something in it.
Community Place Conductor 1.0 alpha 2FreewareThis tool will allow you to create VRML/Java worlds, in real-time, using simple drag-and-drop metaphors. The whole system consists of: the enhanced VRML browser (Community Place Browser); an enhanced VRML authoring tool (Community Place Conductor); and the shared worlds server (Community Place Bureau).Sony Corporation