Saturday, 13 May 2017


Dear Doctor Lea,

Still very sorry for carrying on about this, but yeah-no, software archeology is not my aim. Simply, CPC built and compiled most of the wrls that my uncle had built years ago, and therefore my aim was to change the Sony-made proprietary wrls of VRML2.0 into X3D, which failed.
To aid in my transfers, I decided to get my hands on CPC2pr1.
It is rather uncaring for Sony'sソニーCPインフォメーションデスク to just leave all the VRML developer's work into the deep 6.
I know that software laws are different to trademarks, and that CPC did become shareware for several years; did it?
Remember CosmoWorlds. I found that it is a robust and comprehensive, but slightly expensive, VRML97 author and animator. The original asking price of $999.00 US was lowered to $599.00 US. This may be a little too expensive for the average VRML hobbyist. SGI also made CosmoPlayer (a popular VRML browser plugin), and Cosmo Create (a HTML editor) and PageFX (a 3D web page graphics builder). SGI's Cosmo division was sold to Intervista and we expected to see a synthesis of what was good at Platinum with what was good at Cosmo.

About 6 months later, Computer Associates purchased Platinum. Platinum was in the process of "Open Sourcing" the code for Cosmo when this happened... C/A has evidently chosen to "deep 6" this fine software for reasons that they only know.

In any case, software doesn't have to get deep 6ed.