Saturday, 1 July 2017

The original petition letter - Another low priority question and info-sorry!

Dear Mr Masayuki,

This will be the final request/question from me:

I know you have some of the code for CPC from previously, but can you verify for me that Sony has kept the browser 1.1 and 2.2 codes, WLS, AOS, Bureau for NT codes, and vrml1to2 code somewhere?

Whether or not they exist will determine everything (literally). It is crucial that I know this, otherwise, it’s like waiting for an already sunken ship to come back to port.

I don’t recall ever reading what you think of releasing the code. I believe that Blendo is worthwhile and necessary at all costs. Additionally, I would like to know who to contact to allow old code to be released to ‘outsiders’.

I know that X3D people aren’t after ‘interaction’ or ‘cyber-space’. Nor are they interested in integrating services onto one platform (Web browser plus 3D browser?) to allow seamless activity. But I think every company should know that there is no harm in releasing old stuff for educational purposes (for me especially) or better development of future standards/services.

Blendo, which I’ve written 11 or more pages about, is all about blending everything into a web browser. It’s about ‘interaction with everything’; (no more static WebGL/X3DOM) I do this because I believe in ‘Think Extreme’ and ‘Act Beyond Borders’. This is what I believe in right now, and I won’t give up. I need the contact details of the boss with the keys to the software code, and I need to see whether Sony believes in the future or not.

Kind regards,