Saturday, 1 July 2017

Dear Dr Kitano, Writing from Australia - Systems Biology / Artificial Intelligence / Robotics / Design / Energy

Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.
Hiroaki Kitano


President & CEO, Director of Research

Dear Dr Kitano,

As I know you are very busy, I will keep this short: I have a request, but do not know the person to contact, hence it was decided that I would write to you. I was wondering if you or anyone in Sony has any idea where this: Proceedings of the Sony Research Forum 巻:7th 発行年:1998年02月 would be stored?

If it's impossibly unfamiliar, then please just tell me who to contact about details of this publication.

On another note, I was surprised, after listening to your talks on YouTube, to find that you had been interviewed on ABC Radio and to find that-the Tokyo-based Systems Biology Institute (SBI) and Monash established SBI Australia at the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI). It's nice that SBI has become international for a while now, but I still think that not many people know about this partnership.

Yours sincerely,