Sunday, 16 July 2017

The end of an era-Conversations with T.Noma-

You can't repeat the past
Gatsby replies, "Why of course you can."
Dr Kouichi Matsuda advised me that I should ask you for the contact details of senior software engineer 宮下健 MIYASHITA KEN of Sony as well as 松田 哲 (Satoru Matsuda) and Hiroshi Ueno (- Section Manager at Sony Corporation)
These three people may have the source code to the long lost Community Place Browser and/or Bureau (server)

I would be much obliged if you could do so, since the VAIO software and CP/SAPARi are big passing points in your life.

Thank you for taking the time (your precious time) to reply to my email and to search for the facebook page of Mr Miyashita Ken. In any case, I can see that the CP team have been disconnected for a long time.
Firstly I do not have Facebook, secondly I cannot discuss matters related to CP which is official business over Facebook, and thirdly I would much prefer to contact them via email.
Actually, I'm very sorry to have bothered you with this.

The truth here is that Mr Kamachi promised to find their emails etc. sometime; Dr Matsuda doesn't want to help in finding their emails; and Mr Masayuki has decided to completely ignore me- i.e. I seem to be unable to contact 松田 哲 or Hiroshi Ueno easily at all. Don't get me wrong: This aspect of the project is very important for many people as well as myself, and I truly believe that it is a trifle matter which could have been solved ages ago.

Which all boils down to one thing relating to you: Do you have any of the actual source code relating to CP still in your hands? I.e. Maybe the server software for Bureau? As I said, it is very important.

Unfortunately, I don't have any source code of Community Place software. I did only create contents for CP such as Sapari series.
I'm still waiting for approval from Miyashita-san, so if I can contact him, let you know.

Thank you for all the help!  

Meanwhile, I suddenly remembered, can you clarify for me, who was the actual designer of the Circus Park and SAPARi contents? Was it GCO using NewTek社の3DCGソフト「LightWave3D」のプラグインto
G. Sawai says: ‘「さぱり」はVAIO用のコンテンツとして別の事業部が企画していて「本所時代村」のコンテンツを発表していたGCOに、デザインを含めて発注がありました。
Does this mean GCO made さぱり or did some other designer make the Dxf files?
Also, I’d like to know whether the Dxf original files are still in your possession. If the only available copies are in VRML format, it would be fine, but detail does make a difference.

The original model data of Sapari was created by GCO which I ordered as the director. However I received only VRML files maybe, so the actual modeler and model data are in GCO.

AH! Wow, ok, so GCO did it all! They’re a weird bunch but they created really cool stuff- their designers etc must have been pretty good with 3D, I know 2D worlds are easy to design and make attractive, but 3D is difficult.

I've contacted Miyashita-san and Satoru Matsuda-san who both don't have any source code of Community Place.
And what's more, if they have source codes, they cannot open the source code outside of Sony.
I'm sorry about that.