Sunday, 16 July 2017

Many thanks and best wishes to you and other old CP pals

Dear Tsunetake Noma,

Thank you again for actually clarifying what was already a doomed idea. Is Hiroshi Ueno a part of the CP teams?
I still can’t understand how engineers can just discard of their source code at Sony.
And they’re still telling you how difficult Sony has made the process of releasing code!
There has got to be a limit to this thing. Anyway, Sony’s alright at times, but I’m pretty sure my perspective of them has changed.
For example, do you agree with the current accelerating development of all things robot? This is a big issue because it means jobs will be less available while the important issues like smoke from chimneys and cars is unsolved. (I live in Adelaide) or even the problem of Antarctica-as one IMAX documentary said-why is the human race exploring outer space when there are all these issues on our planet?
I say: Let us tackle things one by one. Let us not attempt everything when it comes to large issues.
For reasons unclear now to even me, I’ve made a draft site
Which has your company on it-is that alright?
As always, thank you; you’ll be the last, concluding email for CP-it took me half a year to get to this!
It’s funny then, why does石川 真之 actually have the code for his authoring tool? At times I feel like these devious engineers are really lying to me. They answer well to renowned Dr Lea but not me, who is almost nobody… well I’ll show them anyway.
May the worthless 3D vs proposal/idea of Kitano be trashed even in future AR/WebVR interactive projects!
I understand that I must solve the real problems facing us today.

Many thanks and best wishes to you and other old CP pals,

NSK/NRI's Blendo Development Team