Saturday, 1 July 2017

Interview Qs

> Do you have the official installers for all server software of CP?
I don't have it.

> can you ask senior engineer Miyashita Ken whether he has kept anything
> related to CP, because he is still in Sony?
I'm not sure. You should try to ask him.
I think Masayuki Ishikawa, Hiroshi Ueno, or Satoru Matsuda might have
kept something.
Masayuki Ishikawa might know other's mail addresses.

> Is it common for people to do private research and then be able to apply for
> a doctorate from Tokyo Uni?
I don't know the case.

> Do you still believe 3d spaces for interaction is natural, attractive, and
> can ‘support notions of presence…activity’ better than casual and quick
> social media?

I think so.I also think force feedback is necessary to be more natural
or attractive.

> also the scp file is intriguing+My old question: Does the communication
> between the browser and server have nothing to do with the Java.exe or JRE
> in CPB1.1 and 2.2? So it is all to do with the C++ socket-related code?

I think that the browser supports a Java wrapper on the
socket-related code to communicate with the server.