Friday, 30 June 2017

Source Code for CP suite-Official Petition


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Dear Sony Software Lab and CSL and others,

Greetings, my name is NSK with a great interest in VR and as part of that, your CSL and others CP suite for VRML. Since April this year I have been requesting people (former team members) to release the code for all CP applications; after all, what harm can it do now? My reason for this tedious action is clear: to revitalise X3D development and guide it towards a new direction, based upon the failures of previous projects such as CP. CPs code will not be revealing Sony secrets, nor are any of the patents really worthwhile anymore (the patent bits can be cut out anyway), but it is extremely valuable as a reference to new development and X3D in general. My main focus is on WebVR, however, the interaction aspect is yet to be developed properly. For that too, I find your 1995-1998 software teams CP code to be extremely worthwhile for my time and effort in asking for it.

May I ask also whether Sony has officially kept the browser 1.1 and 2.2 codes, WLS, AOS, Bureau for NT codes, and vrml1to2 code somewhere?

Whether or not they exist will determine everything (literally). It is crucial that I know this, otherwise, its like waiting for an already sunken ship to come back to port.

I believe that releasing the source code is worthwhile and necessary at all costs even if you may think otherwise. Additionally, I would like to know who to contact to allow old code to be released to outsiders.

I know that X3D people aren't currently after interaction or cyber-space. Nor are they interested in integrating services onto one platform (Web browser plus 3D browser?) to allow seamless activity. But let us Think Extreme! I think every company should know that there is no harm in releasing old stuff for educational purposes (for us especially) or better development of future standards/services.

Its about interaction with everything; (no more static WebGL/X3DOM) I do this because I believe in your CSLs Think Extreme and Act Beyond Borders. This is what I believe in right now, and I wont give up.

Can you advise me as to how, if possible, Sony can actually release proprietary source code to either the public or certain interested developers/communities/or me as an educator/ researcher who is after the educational aspects of the code?

Ive already been at this a long time.

With great hope once again,

Yours sincerely,