Sunday, 25 June 2017

Happy 20th Anniversary of CP! Additional info CP/Blendo


インターネットを使った共同学習用コンテンツ「3Dバーチャル総合学校」と竜安寺のプロジェクトは両方とも大学の教授とソニーの共同プロジェクトでしたから、僕にCPの仕組みやコードを公開する事は教授である僕の父親のverificationがあればできると思います。Details later.

It has been a great pleasure for me, doing what Dr Lea calls ‘archaeology’. I call it research. Dumb research but maybe rewarding. I’m not sure why CP software remained in my memory. The reason lies in the VAIO PCs. Some people prefer just text and multimedia as the ‘face of the Internet’. I prefer 3D. T.Noma said that the aim of 3D was not found yet despite advances in 3D hardware. My main point here: VAIO had a load of good software. As a user of over 15 VAIO PCs, my favourites are: SSMS, CP, x-アプリ, and Yamaha’s XGStudio. DSD Direct Player’s UI also left a deep impression.
Now you must be getting bored, so I’ll cut straight to the point. Since I rarely get to communicate with actual employees, my requests are many but numbered.
  1. 藤本健’s Digital Audio Lab had a request from 2013. I want DSEE HX to be ported into X-Applications. Even if it’s just for those who buy hardware. If you ever see this discussion in the company, please make it happen
  2. Can you tell me what happened to SS Mastering Studio after 2009’s SSMSRE? Even without plugins and SBM, it’s valuable. What happened to VAIO’s DSD Chip and DSD Direct Player? Any source codes for the audio community?
  3. Now this one is the troubling request that has never before been attempted. Many users of CP have had this dream, which is why I believe Sony should do it. It’s been 20 years, trademarks are gone, technology’s improved so much that CP is almost nonsense, but I believe that now IS the time. Since Sony is using open-source stuff for their hardware, shouldn’t 20 year old VRML stuff be made public? I’m unhappy with all that X3D proprietary software and even X3D Edit and Blender. I want to see an easy to use software suite (open source) that allows the creation not of X3DOM but the multiuser of VRML. I want to see a multiuser X3D; something better than marketing, 3D-IES of NRI, Virtual Kids Park, Virtual Ryoanji, everything that ever happened. And I’m not going to repeat failures associated with marketing and education or chatting.
Is it impossible to achieve? Nothing should be impossible.
By allowing X3D developers to advance the old CP browser to, say, ‘Blendo’, a browser without plugins for web browsers or ‘help application’ browsers; a sophisticated server package (keeping the name Bureau but no more WLS/AOS etc because it will be integrated into a single package) that has greater security and compatibility with Windows 10; and a totally new but similar Conductor which works in a web browser, there will be much more of a future for X3D. Also, any Java should be upgraded to be compatible, or just kicked out anyway.
I think many people will add more, blend X3D with VR or augmented Reality, move Skype or Twitter (PostPet Now was a failure) into it so it’s not just multimedia but an actual space (unlimited space + autogenerated like Minecraft-to address the issue of 3D contents generation-too costly)
I have a proposal you may laugh about, but I am serious. I was disappointed when I saw Cosmo Worlds 2.0 get ‘buried into nowhere’. They really should have made it open source. Now is Sony’s chance to dig up trash (I call it treasure) and we might make jewels from it. Give the X3D community something that isn’t X3DOM (our only hope and way out at the moment-how ridiculous), for we are embarking on a revolutionary journey today.
Happy 20th Anniversary of CP! Or was it 2015? since 1995 was the start!?