Sunday, 25 June 2017

CP is such a big part of my life

Many of my ex-colleagues seem to help you. I was relieved. I hope your project will be successful.
-From a valued and respected supporter

Wow! Thanks for the encouragement; your words definitely mean a lot to me.
Yes, I'm not rushed, and I know it'll be difficult to engage interest in old code or make agreements with Sony. For me, CP's code and this project are one way of me entering into the world of computer science and engineering. I know many professors tend to combine social sciences with some sort of technology too, hence, CP seems to be just right for that.
If Sony is adamant, or people avoid my request because it is unprecedented or complex, then I have co-inventor of VRML; legendary VRML guru Mark Pesce's agreement to help me force down the tough doors of Sony! I probably wouldn't make it into CSL even if I tried hard.
Mark D. Pesce is in Australia, but he doesn't live in Adelaide.