Monday, 26 June 2017

Educational Solutions with Community Place

Community Place can play a key role in your educational applications. It's a great tool for building customized teaching tools or for taking your first step into the world of creating 3D experiences on the Internet.

Choose Out-of-the-Box or Custom Solutions
If you can imagine it, you can build it with Community Place. Create your own worlds using the 3D objects contained in our libraries or import your own models from your favorite 3D graphics program.

Set Up 3D Learning Experiences
Your online classroom comes complete with visual aids and plenty of seating. Tailor your own world for teaching your high school, college, or adult education class. Sony's team of Community Place developers can also work with you to develop customized teaching programs.

Hire an Intelligent Agent Teaching Assistant
Community Place's Application Object technology allows you to build automated teacher's helpers. Your new assistant can be programmed to administer tests, give context-sensitive help, and more. Sony offers development services to help you build everything you need. Email the folks at Sony Pictures Imageworks if you're interested.