Friday, 26 May 2017

Virtual Ryoanji Project 2nd

Dear Dr Narushige Shiode,

Quick question about the Virtual Ryoanji Project: Was this project successful? Why did you and others team up to use Java and VRML with Sony's CP to undertake this?
And what 3D standard do you think is most suited to this kind of experiment currently? Will it be X3D? (if something like this were to be undertaken)

finally, does anyone still have Sony's CP Conductor? (the authoring tool used to create VRML worlds) not browser or server


Dear Nsk,

This was an in-house project among the alumni group from the same unit at U. Tokyo -- including a researcher at SONY Lab, hence the collaboration.
It was a feasibility test, so was never actually implemented as a full-scale project.
I doubt if anyone still has the codes or the package.

You might find the attached working paper useful.
Dr. Narushige Shiode (
Reader in Geocomputation and Spatial Analysis
Dear Doctor Shiode,

Thank you for the paper! And I'm sorry about asking for the apparatus used in this Project. I now have Sony CP Cond.2.0PR1 without the 90 day limit as a portable app on my Win 10 machine. 

I still firmly believe that the Virtual Ryoanji Project, if it did become large-scale, and even if it did not, is indeed the best study involving VRML 2.0 and 97 because it was carried out by Tokyo Uni. And also because people/avatars can actually build within the VRML world. This sort of 'archaeology of the past implementations of VRML' that I a carrying out greatly benefits from uncovering this kind of study. That means I greatly appreciate your reply!