Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Success in Conductor

On this page for internal students I've found a reference to that directory.
Free VRML tool for the moment. (Local copy
Win 95: Sony Community Place Conductor Outil VRML complet et gratuit pour le moment. (copie locale: /pub/software/win95/www/editeurs/sony-cp/).
A VRML Index biased towards fast loading, learning VRML and interactive VRML
Despite the author writing how frustrated he is when links are broken, the directory I'm after is still gone.
is there anyone who taught VRML still in TECFA? If so, please introduce them!

Sincerely yours,


Last year and this year I did not teach VRML (or rather its X3D variant. But I may take it up again at some point. In any case, over the years I always found good VRML/X3D clients. I usually use BS Contact or a web-based rendered like CoWeb.

Also, all our resources are now in EduTechWiki :

There are also some tutorials that I never had time to finish properly:

- greetings ! Daniel
Please: Index of /pub/software/win95/multimedia/vrml/community anywhere?
Daniel K. Schneider
University of Geneva

Dear Professor,

The newer pages on VRML are good, however, in this case I am wondering about this particular directorypub/software/win95/multimedia/vrml/community/ of the main page of TECFA. Is it stored anywhere?
I noticed that you had created the museum of some directories of the uni server. My quick question is: Do you know whether this directory still exists somewhere? Anywhere is fine, as long as it hasn't vanished off the face of the earth.
My uncle used to work with VRML in Europe 20 or so years ago; just now I read the link
in his notebook of experiments/designs.
Now that I am familiar with Sony's Community Place conductor, I would really appreciate it if this file could be found somewhere. It would not be so good if it were also gone.
The link seems to have existed even in 2007 but none were properly archived for future reference.

Kind regards,

NSK 13/05/17

Oh I see, well these files have been in our public FTP directory, a service that we had to kill. Problem is that TECFA is really tiny (only 45 permanent full time staff) as compared to all these huge organizations who do not care much about the past ....

Anyhow I do believe in archiving and indeed you are right, I created a museum directory in 1998 (but forgot about it). So I found the files, but right now I don't have time to create a software museum page on EduTechwiki.

Maybe this summer if I have time ....

- greetings ! Daniel Schneider
Dear Professor Schneider,

Thank you so much for sending me the museum link!
You and TECFA are truly the best! Absolutely legendary! Not only for using Sony's CP but also for keeping it. There's no need for this archive stuff in the Edutechwiki though, unless other people really want it.

Have a wonderful day!

Yours sincerely,