Thursday, 22 June 2017

Why you need such old software ?

I heard someone contacted to my ex-colleague about CP Conductor. Is that you ? One of our team have that file and can offer it via him.-Kamachi

Um, i needed it for compatibility reasons for Sony VRML files my uncle created to be upgraded.
Yes, I really am grateful for Dr Lea and Mr Masayuki Ishikawa's help
but now I don't need no more exes, I want Sony to disclose the source code of the entire CP family/suite. I'm sure you don't want to know about it!
in particular I need Dr Matsuda's help in making the server (Bureau) work in Windows 10. Hopefully sony isn't too tight on its ancient server software- especially if i get my dad involved...he is a professor, so it'll be like the Virtual Ryoanji you did!
i call my project Blendo and i do it because CP is such a big part of my life; it's useless for now, but it's got potential. believe in me