Sunday, 25 June 2017

I must be a fake one.


I must be a fake one.

> My questions are: since CP works above IP, why is Bureau only able to use the LAN or internal IP address, but not ISP or WAN IPs? How does Bureau manage to receive connection requests from the Internet? How does CP Browser 1.1 and 2.2 manage to send a request over the Internet to the server specified? It doesn't work on Windows 10, so I want to know the structure of the communication between the browser and server. Your papers never talked about it except VSCP over IP! or SSS and AO or performance and scalability! I need to know the way it all works.

Are you familiar with network programming, especially socket-style programming in UNIX-style OS? For instance, see It provides a network connection between a server program (Bureau) and client programs (CP). The similar mechanism is also available on Windows 10, I think.


松田晃一 MATSUDA, Kouichi, Ph.D.