Friday, 19 May 2017

Teruhisa Kamachi ブラウザ・オーサリングツールの開発

主任研究員 蒲地 輝尚 / Teruhisa Kamachi

1995年 ソニー株式会社 2005年 ソニーコミュニケーションネットワーク株式会社(現ソネット株式会社)


Dear Mr Kamachi,

My first question is Do you have cpc20ev.exe?

Obviously you were part of the team that made CP Conductor, and i can see that you made np chooser as well:

many of those who made the software have moved on and do not have a single copy at all. not even on cd-rom. i know you might have a copy somewhere. if you could share that 10 mb file via cloud or sth, i'd look up to you as a wide hearted and considerate master programmer
 cpc20pr1 is here:but there is a 2.5 mb difference between pr1(a) and ev version
but let this not be the only reason why i contact you; I'm quite interested in the work Sony did at the turn of the century, and i wish to ask more questions